My Year in Books – 2017

It's that time of the year again! Everybody starts reviewing lists of things they accomplished in the past year. So now it's time for me! Goodreads showed me my 2017 in books. So, where did reading take me this year? How was 2017 different from the year before? Here's a look at the books I... Continue Reading →


Top 5 Characters in the Magic 2.0 series

Starting today, I will list to you the most outstanding characters in a book or series that I've read. Keep in mind that this is solely my opinion and that yours can vary. Today, I'll be talking about the Magic 2.0 series. I'd like to disclaim here that some of the things I'll write about... Continue Reading →

Review: Scott Meyer – An Unwelcome Quest

I finished the third part of the Magic 2.0 series. I can only wait for Scott Meyer to finish his fourth book: Fight and Flight. The first book, Off to Be the Wizard, was a great read. Spell or High Water continued where the previous ended, both in story as in style. I really liked that book as well. Now, I've... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: April 2017

A few days after April I can look back on my weakest reading month of the year so far. It looks like my numbers are going down, as well as my blog posts. I should really work on that! In april, I read three fiction books. Are you ready? Missed Opportunities In my previous monthly post,... Continue Reading →

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