My Year in Books

My year in books – 2016

About a month ago, Goodreads showed me my 2016 in books. Where did reading take me last year? How did I do in comparison to 2015? In a previous post, I already mentioned that I completed my reading challenge. 30 books was the goal and 31 was the achievement! Let me present you a look back at the books I read, the pages I logged, and all of my bookish highs and lows.

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Review: Joe Hill – The Fireman

Over a week ago, I finished Joe Hill’s The Fireman. In this post I give you a brief recap of the story. There will be a shortlist of important characters like Harper Willows and John Rockwood. I’ll also give you some names I think are worth focusing on. No spoilers allowed, so don’t worry. Well, okay. I’ll give you one spoiler: I rate the book 5 stars!

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