5 Books Worth Waiting

While I'm taking some more time to read The Program, I figured it's time to show you the books that I'm really looking forward to in the near future. Here's a list of 5 books that I can't wait to read... and why you should get excited about them, too! Paradox Bound Peter Clines, author of... Continue Reading →


Top 5 Characters: 2016

Currently, I'm reading Peter Clines' Ex-Communication. It's the third book in the Ex-Heroes series and a good read, but I cannot review it until it is finished. So I came up with this idea: I already gave an overview of my 2016 in books; how about I show you my top 5 characters I read about. Of... Continue Reading →

What I’ve read – December 2016

December 2016. The coldest month of the year has been warming for me. First I was shielded from the cold by the latest story of Harry Dresden, professional wizard and knight of the Winter Court. His fiery magic completed by Goodreads reading challenge as well! For extra warmth, I ended the year with reading Joe Hill's... Continue Reading →

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