Review: Emilie J. Howard – The Maestro

Cold Hollow is a city in Vermont, where a lot of things tend to go the wrong way. And I do not mean wrong in a soft way. It's a city of parolees, run by an ex-parolee. If necessary, they take the matters in their own hands. One of the least interesting things that happens, is... Continue Reading →


What I’ve Read: March 2017

March is over, so I figured I'd let you know what I read in that month. While I read 6 books in February, I managed to only read 4 books in March. Again, I read some fiction and some non-fiction books. But most that I've read was great! HEX At the start of March, I finished... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: February 2017

Another month has passed. For me, February 2017 was a good reading month. I've been able to read six books! While reading both fiction and non-fiction, I've been really happy with it. I finished the Ex-Heroes series. It was a great month. Ex-Purgatory - Peter Clines The last weeks of January and the first days of February, I've... Continue Reading →

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