Alternate Endings

Alternate Endings: Final Destination

Last year, I did a few posts about alternate endings for movies. Mostly it was what I came up with at the time, and I didn’t do much with it. I can’t really do this on a monthly basis, because I don’t watch enough movies for that. Yet sometimes when I’m looking at one, I think to myself: “could I have done this better?”

Saturday I watched Final Destination. Again. Not the best film. Not the greatest story. Yet, there is so much potential in it. Let’s see if I can think of a better ending. Watch out though. If you haven’t seen this movie yet.. There are major spoilers up ahead!

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Liz Sedley, Non-Fiction, Rachel Davies, Reviews

Review: Rachel Davies & Liz Sedley – Agile Coaching

I have finished it. This might sound weird, given I finish a lot of books. But this one was special. First, it’s work related. In the way that it is about where I want my career to go. Second, I’ve been reading it for almost a year. I started it, then let it lie. Why? Because… Reasons.

Here’s my review of this great book by two great agile coaches.

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Fiction, Reviews, Stephen King

Review: Stephen King – Eenmalige Zonde

Wow people, I’m not having a great time. The stomach flu and I have acquainted. We do not get along very well.

That said, I managed to finish a book today. Between resting, trying to work which failed and led me back to my bed, I finally got to read a bit.

A while ago, I went to a book festival where I bought some cheap books that I really want to read. One of them was a Dutch translation of Blockade Billy.

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Neal Ford, Non-Fiction, Patrick Kua, Rebecca Parsons, Reviews

Review: Neal Ford, Rebecca Parsons & Patrick Kua – Building Evolutionary Architectures

As much as I love fiction, I also like to master new skills for my profession. This means I also read a lot software-related non-fiction books. Building Evolutionary Architectures is one I thought I should read. Because it’s about architectures, evolutionary ones even so. It’s been too long since I’ve read a good book about the topic. Here’s what I thought of the book.

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Fiction, Justin Cronin, Reviews, The Passage

Review: Justin Cronin – The Passage

Sorry for me not blogging a lot recently. Things have happened. Anyway, I’ve managed to finally finish another book. It has been a while. It’s been a long book as well. Who knew. I came by Justin Cronin’s The Passage series after a tweet from Stephen King. He recommended the third instalment. That was interesting. Thought I’d not skip books one and two, and picked up The Passage. Here’s my review.

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