What I’ve Read: December 2017

What won't change in 2018, is my monthly summary post. At least not in its content and frequency. Maybe in structure. I don't know what the future will bring! However, let's get back on topic. I've read 5 books in December. Here's my view on them! Missed Opportunities In my previous post I wasn't completely... Continue Reading →


What I’ve Read: November 2017

It is december! What does that mean? Ho ho ho! Exactly! Another month has passed! So I present you another blog post about what I've read! How was my November? What are my thoughts on the books I've read? What was my goal again? 4 books? Here's how I did. Missed Opportunities In my previous... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: October 2017

After having recovered from Halloween, I think it's time for my monthly post. What have I read in October? And what are my thoughts on those books? You'll see how I managed to achieve my reading goal. Here's a summary of my October 2017! The Program In the beginning of the month, I finished The Program.... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: September 2017

September is over. You know what that means! I'm going to talk about all these books I've read in the past month. I've read a new book on superheroes, finished another book in a series and found a great work of non-fiction. Here's a short summary of my September 2017. Missed Opportunities In my last... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: August 2017

Time for another recap of what I have read in the last month! I read some cool books last month. Ended a trilogy, started a new series. Learnt some stuff about one of my idols. Crazy, right? I know! So let me show you what I've read and what my general impressions were. Missed Opportunities... Continue Reading →

What I’ve read: June 2017

Goal for June 2017? Four books. Did I make it? No. Damn, I failed. I only managed to read three books! I'm not sure how I missed out on the fourth book from my June list - Zeroes. It could be that the first book I read took too long. Or that all books were longer than... Continue Reading →

What I’ve read: May 2017

We did it! We achieved our 5 book goal for the month of May! Yeeha! Now let's keep this up, shall we? Let's have a look at the books I read in the past month, as well as one missed opportunity. Missed Opportunity I added Algorithms to Live By as a book I wanted to read in... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: April 2017

A few days after April I can look back on my weakest reading month of the year so far. It looks like my numbers are going down, as well as my blog posts. I should really work on that! In april, I read three fiction books. Are you ready? Missed Opportunities In my previous monthly post,... Continue Reading →

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