What I’ve Read: June 2018

I don't know what happened. I did nothing special in May and was only able to read three books. Now I had June, in which I did nothing special again, and I read ten books. Say what? Maybe it's because of the books... let's go over those! The Whispering Room I revisited the Jane Hawk... Continue Reading →


What I’ve Read: May 2018

Well hello, reader! Welcome to the shortest monthly wrap-up I've ever written on this blog. Seriously, I feel bad about it. I had hopes of reading six books, and I only managed three. I will not use excuses. I didn't use all of my time for reading while I had assumed I would. Bad estimations... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: April 2018

Another month passed, another goal achieved! My reading goal for April was eight books, and that's exactly how much I've read! Did I read every book I mentioned in my last monthly post? No. Plus, I went to see Avengers: Infinity War on Sunday. If you haven't yet, go do so fast! It's awesome! Missed... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: February 2018

Another month passed. Another pile of books read. February was very excited. There was suspense, a cool trilogy ending and a new future in writing. I'm still blogging a lot too, although my series of blogposts with reading help is done. March is gonna be big. I can feel it. The sky is the limit.... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: January 2018

Wow. What happened this month? I read so many books already! I almost can't believe it. The thing is, now that I'm writing a blog series to help people at reading, I'm using my own tips to read more too. And it's working! Hooray! Here are the eleven(!) books I've read in January, as well... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: December 2017

What won't change in 2018, is my monthly summary post. At least not in its content and frequency. Maybe in structure. I don't know what the future will bring! However, let's get back on topic. I've read 5 books in December. Here's my view on them! Missed Opportunities In my previous post I wasn't completely... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: November 2017

It is december! What does that mean? Ho ho ho! Exactly! Another month has passed! So I present you another blog post about what I've read! How was my November? What are my thoughts on the books I've read? What was my goal again? 4 books? Here's how I did. Missed Opportunities In my previous... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: October 2017

After having recovered from Halloween, I think it's time for my monthly post. What have I read in October? And what are my thoughts on those books? You'll see how I managed to achieve my reading goal. Here's a summary of my October 2017! The Program In the beginning of the month, I finished The Program.... Continue Reading →

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