Top 5 Characters 2017

Last year I gave an overview of characters I found in 2016. At the time, I didn't have the same pace of reading books like I do now. I wanted to blog, but didn't have much to say. So I went for a list of characters I had liked the year before. I think it's... Continue Reading →


Top 5 Characters in the Magic 2.0 series

Starting today, I will list to you the most outstanding characters in a book or series that I've read. Keep in mind that this is solely my opinion and that yours can vary. Today, I'll be talking about the Magic 2.0 series. I'd like to disclaim here that some of the things I'll write about... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Characters: 2016

Currently, I'm reading Peter Clines' Ex-Communication. It's the third book in the Ex-Heroes series and a good read, but I cannot review it until it is finished. So I came up with this idea: I already gave an overview of my 2016 in books; how about I show you my top 5 characters I read about. Of... Continue Reading →

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