Review: The Arbinger Institute – The Outward Mindset

In the previous months, I've read some Arbinger Institute books. First, there was Leadership and Self-Deception: a true eye-opener. It sparked my interest for the other books they made. And so I read The Anatomy of Peace. That book still taught me something new, but I felt kind of disappointed afterwards. It seemed Leadership and Self-Deception had something extra.... Continue Reading →


Review: The Arbinger Institute – The Anatomy of Peace

Recently I read Leadership and Self-Deception and I thought that was an amazing book! Since then, I've told several colleagues to read that book. And they have. They also think it's an amazing book so if you haven't read it yet, go read it! And if you have read it, there's The Anatomy of Peace. The follow-up book that... Continue Reading →

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