Review: Stephen King – Eenmalige Zonde

Wow people, I'm not having a great time. The stomach flu and I have acquainted. We do not get along very well. That said, I managed to finish a book today. Between resting, trying to work which failed and led me back to my bed, I finally got to read a bit. A while ago,... Continue Reading →


Review: Stephen King – End of Watch

It is done. End of Watch. The final book of the Bill Hodges trilogy. I read it. What happened to the characters of Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers? I was curious too. What was up with Brady Hartsfield? I was curious to find out. Want to know what I think of the book? "Payback is a bitch, and the... Continue Reading →

Review: Stephen King – Finders Keepers

Shit don't mean shit. Or at least, that's one of the statements that keeps returning in Finders Keepers. I finished it today, the second book of the Bill Hodges trilogy. As you might or might not know, I'm a Constant Reader. One of those that keep reading Stephen King's books. Why? Well, the Master explains it himself... Continue Reading →

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