Review: Peter Clines – Ex-Isle

The last book to date in the Ex-Heroes series is Ex-Isle. Peter Clines' superheroes vs zombies books have already scored high for me. But what's up with this one? What happens to Saint George and the other superheroes? Let me tell you. Brief Recap Some time after the events of Ex-Purgatory, Zzzap started searching the world for... Continue Reading →


Review: Peter Clines – Ex-Purgatory

There haven't been any blogposts lately. Sorry 'bout that, I've been kind of busy. That didn't stop me from finishing Ex-Purgatory though! I took the time to read some other reviews after I read the book. While most people seem to rate the book less than its predecessor, I think it is the best book in... Continue Reading →

Review: Peter Clines – Ex-Communication

After reading Ex-Patriots, I was looking forward to read the third instalment of the Ex-Heroes series. In Ex-Communication, the superheroes are up for another challenge during the zombocalypse. Where the previous book introduced new characters and new enemies, this instalment focuses more on the existing heroes. At the meantime some new characters are introduced. Like I already... Continue Reading →

Review: Peter Clines – Ex-Patriots

Ex-Heroes is a series written by Peter Clines. I started reading the second instalment, Ex-Patriots, a few months after reading its predecessor Ex-Heroes. Protagonists in this series are superheroes who fight in a real zombocalypse. It's mostly described as a mix of The Avengers and The Walking Dead. The series is great, fun and reads quickly. Here's my... Continue Reading →

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