Review: Dennis E. Taylor – We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

For a year and a half, We Are Legion (We Are Bob) has been on my to-read list. It's come to the point that a friend who I've recommended book has read this one before I have. And liked it. Which made him recommend it to me. I guess that's how the world works. As a... Continue Reading →


Review: Dean Koontz – The Whispering Room

A better start in June! Book one finished. And it's the second book in the Jane Hawk series. I put it in my planning for the month, but damn. Now I want to read the third book as well. Good job, Dean Koontz. Good job! Fast-paced action! That's what you get when you read this book.... Continue Reading →

Review: Alastair Reynolds – Revenger

Another month in this warm Spring, so time for another themed book! Space, wasn't it? Ha! You're right it was! So what book is a good space book? I settled with Revenger, an Alastair Reynolds novel that was published in 2016. How was it? Worth reading? Enough waiting. Here's my review! This book starts with space... Continue Reading →

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