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Review: A.J. Finn – The Woman in the Window

I’ve read some good things about The Woman in the Window. So I put it on my to-read list. The problem I have is there is too much on it. And so I postponed. And postponed. Until last week I decided to read it. Here’s my review on the first book of A.J. Finn.

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Review: Robert A. Heinlein – Starship Troopers

As a kid, I was a huge fan of Starship Troopers. I liked the animated series as well as the movie they created. Although if I look at it today, the movie would probably not mean much to me. Anyway, I found out that it was based on a book. Duh. And then I did what I do best. I read it.

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Review: Stephen King – Eenmalige Zonde

Wow people, I’m not having a great time. The stomach flu and I have acquainted. We do not get along very well.

That said, I managed to finish a book today. Between resting, trying to work which failed and led me back to my bed, I finally got to read a bit.

A while ago, I went to a book festival where I bought some cheap books that I really want to read. One of them was a Dutch translation of Blockade Billy.

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Review: Justin Cronin – The Passage

Sorry for me not blogging a lot recently. Things have happened. Anyway, I’ve managed to finally finish another book. It has been a while. It’s been a long book as well. Who knew. I came by Justin Cronin’s The Passage series after a tweet from Stephen King. He recommended the third instalment. That was interesting. Thought I’d not skip books one and two, and picked up The Passage. Here’s my review.

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