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Review: Jim Butcher – Side Jobs

In 2016, I read the fifteen books that currently form the Dresden Files. I was an immediate fan and read them at a pace I hadn’t achieved before. I found out there was a bundle of short stories called Side Jobs, added it to my list and never really got to reading it. I guess I procrastinated. Most of the stories take place between books ten and thirteen. As I had read further than that, it wasn’t always my first priority. But as the news came this month that Jim Butcher will release a second short story collection in June, I thought it was the perfect time to read this one. Here’s my review!

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Review: Leigh Bardugo – Six of Crows

It was September when I added Six of Crows to my list of books to read. Back then, I only knew that it was a fantasy and a fiction book. And it received immensely good reviews. So it ended up on my list and remained there until the first of January this year. I started this book of which I actually had no clue what it was about. Here’s my review of the book!

“No mourners. No funerals.” – Leigh Bardugo

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Review: Daniel Suarez – Influx

Wow. I just finished my 51st book of 2017. Holy cow. I can’t believe that number! After How Google Works, I thought I’d start reading Influx and see. Quite sure I’d finish it next month. And now BAM, it’s done! Get ready for my last review of 2017. Crap, now I got to revise my previous post about my 2017 in books. Oh well, here’s my view on Influx by Daniel Suarez.

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Review: Peter Clines – Paradox Bound

This year I’ve said it a lot. And yes, I have read a lot of books from authors that I like. Peter Clines is one of them. I am a fan of the Ex-Heroes series and his other connected multi-verse books. So naturally, I was excited when I heard he was writing a book about time travel. I was really looking forward to this book!

“Effect sometimes comes before cause.” – Harriet Pritchard

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Review: Gregg Hurwitz – Last Shot

I’ve been out some time. Focusing on my sore neck rather than reading books. Now that I’m better, I went back to achieving my November goal. The next book on my list was Last Shot, the final part of the Tim Rackley series. After the great Troubleshooter, I was hoping for a great finish that could mount up to the spectacular Orphan X series. Here’s what I think of it.

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