Summer Theme 2018

It's becoming a thing this year. And while I'm not keeping everything up, like writing at least seven blogposts each month. In May I've only written five. The theme for spring was space. I've chosen a new theme for the summer. There was a spoiler in my last monthly recap. You guessed it! The theme... Continue Reading →


Spring Theme 2018

I'm not having a terrific week. I didn't have much to blog about either. Well, here's something that was bound to happen: I'm changing my theme! The theme for winter was books with a blue cover. With spring on the way, it's time for a new theme. And I want to inform you that I've... Continue Reading →

Winter Theme 2018

As announced in my new year's resolution, I want to read one book each month that is conform to a theme. What theme? Well, I'll choose a new theme each season. Currently, it's winter season. And I've decided to go for... ... books with a blue cover! Exactly! You read it right! I'm going to... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolutions 2018

The first day of 2018 was spent dealing with the aftermath of 2017. Resting, seeing family, eating leftovers. That kind of stuff. But now it's the second day already! That means: game on! Time for some new year's resolutions. They include some changes, and so I thought it was time to change the layout of the blog... Continue Reading →

Blogging Break

Hi everyone! Like I mentioned in my last post, July will have a few changes for me. I won't be reading at the same pace as usual; I won't be blogging. What does this mean? Will I stop blogging entirely? NO! I just won't have time in the coming month to fill you up on all the... Continue Reading →

Blog Changes – May 2017

Dear readers. I've started working on this blog with a purpose: improve my own writing as well as share my thoughts on books I've read and films I've seen. So far, I published 27 blog posts on 4 months and some days. Even though that's quite a high number, it's not good enough for me. I. Must. Do.... Continue Reading →

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