5 Reasons to Read: Ex-Heroes

During the first months of 2017, I read most of the Ex-Heroes series. I really, really enjoyed it. I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post about the series for a while, but didn’t really know what to say. Today I figured I’d give it a go and explain to you why you should read the Ex-Heroes series. Here are five reasons why I enjoyed Peter Clines’ zombies vs superheroes mashup.

“Mindless violence against the undead?” said Zzzap. “Count me in.”

Peter Clines – Ex-Communication

5. Flashbacks

Peter Clines uses a lot of flashbacks throughout his Ex-Heroes books. It starts in Ex-Heroes, where the origin of the zombies and superheroes is explained. The only part of the series that has no flashbacks is Ex-Purgatory, but it has other great surprises. Want to know which? Get to reading then!

4. Zombies

Since the start of The Walking Dead in 2010, zombies have been everywhere. They’ve been in video games, on tv shows, in different movies and in a lot of books. The Ex-Heroes series also touches this topic. However, the zombies in these books are actually sick, dead people that have died a horrible death from a virus that keeps their muscles working.

3. Hollywood

Most of the Ex-Heroes series take place in the lovely neighbourhood of Hollywood. Of course it’s not so lovely anymore now that it’s been overrun with zombies. Because of the location, the protagonists of the series play a fun game. They count the celebrity zombies they kill. The one with the highest number, is the winner.

2. Superheroes

We’ve already discussed the zombies part of this crazy mashup that Peter Clines created, so it’s time to discuss their counterparts. The protagonists of the series are superheroes. With names like The Mighty Dragon, Zzzap, Stealth or Cerberus, you know you’re in for a whole bunch of superhero fun. They’re like The Avengers. Only… different.

1. Supervillains

What I liked most about this series is that it has great supervillains. John Smith, PeeZee and Legion are great superheroes. They provide fun storylines and I’m sure there are more to come. I’m not going to say more about these antagonists, because I will spoil too much for you. If you want to know more, there’s an easy solution: read the series! It’s great!

Have you read the Ex-Heroes series? What are your thoughts about it? Leave a comment in the section below!


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