Top 5 Characters in the Magic 2.0 series

Starting today, I will list to you the most outstanding characters in a book or series that I’ve read. Keep in mind that this is solely my opinion and that yours can vary. Today, I’ll be talking about the Magic 2.0 series.

I’d like to disclaim here that some of the things I’ll write about these characters might be spoiling to you, so please continue reading with caution. If you haven’t fully read the series, you might want to come back to this post when you have…

5. Britt

Britt, the elder? Britt, the younger? The fact that Britt is living together with herself from a different time allows Scott Meyer to use confusing and funny jokes at the same time. As the creator of Atlantis, Britt the elder knows everything Britt the younger is going to do and live through. She uses this to her advantage and to add chaos to the minds of the others. Although the Britts don’t get along well, they add a hilarious layer of bafflement to the storylines of Spell or High Water and An Unwelcome Quest.

4. Gwen

When Martin arrives in medieval England, the first person he talks to is Gwen. She is the only woman of that timeline in which he is interested, even though she does not give in to his attempts. Of course, that only goes for the first part of Off to Be the Wizard. After that, Gwen and Martin start dating, with Gwen moving in with him at the end of An Unwelcome Quest.

Since the first book, Gwen is a reminder that most (IT) guys have trouble talking to women. Also, she’s there to show that women are (of course!) capable of being great at IT and tech. Scott Meyer took these ingredients and a bit of his funny jokes to create this great character.

3. Gary

Gary is one of the wizards Martin meets through Philip, his mentor. Gary, together with Tyler and Jeff, help Martin during his training and return later for more epic adventures, like the Unwelcome Quest. Gary doesn’t play a large role in Spell or High Water, but is really important in book three. If you don’t know why, you should probably go and read that book right now.

Gary’s sense of humour is described best in the stories when they explain Todd’s training: learning to do good fart jokes. That, together with his knowledge on how to freak out with the ladies and the fact that he lives as a necromancer in medieval England, are what make Gary so much fun.

2. Ampyx

During their visit to Atlantis, Martin and Philip meet with the Atlassian guard Ampyx. He’s a man that wants to live together with a sorceress, and since Gwen has not yet picked a male to live with, she has become his target. Philip convinces him that in order to impress Gwen, he should act like Martin. This is really funny because it shows Martin’s stupidity as well as Ampyx’ and the fact that he doesn’t seem to notice.

1. Agent Miller

In the events of Off to Be the Wizard, Martin escapes from US Treasury agents Miller and Murphy. This event leads him to escaping from his present time to medieval England. Even though Miller and Murphy lost Martin, they get back on his trail with the help of Jimmy in Spell or High Water. In An Unwelcome Quest, we learn that they also gain access to the repository file and make their own lives better.

Agent Miller is fantastic. If you don’t know why yet, go read the second book of the series: Spell or High Water. Actually, Agent Miller is the main reason why I enjoyed Spell or High Water so much. In fact, I missed him during An Unwelcome Quest. I hope that, like all others who have found the file before him, he screws up somehow. This will cause him and Murphy to escape to a time where they can meet up with Martin again.


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