What I’ve Read: April 2017

A few days after April I can look back on my weakest reading month of the year so far. It looks like my numbers are going down, as well as my blog posts. I should really work on that! In april, I read three fiction books. Are you ready?

Missed Opportunities

In my previous monthly post, I mentioned I would try to read Mustaine’s book and the Workout book by Jurgen Appelo. I was able to finish neither. Even though I took a week off from work, I spent most of the times doing chores that were required to make my house a better place. Like a casing over some pipes that run from my basement to my bathroom. I know what you’re thinking: pic or it didn’t happen. Here goes!


Off to Be the Wizard

Scott Meyer’s debut novel Off to Be the Wizard is a funny story. It follows Martin Banks who discovers the world is a computer simulation, based on a gigantic text file. After learning this, he finds out he can manipulate the text file for his own benefits. However, things turn bad soon and he flees to medieval England for an epic adventure: to become a wizard.


Although the story in this book is not great, I really enjoyed it. It’s the kind of humour that makes me laugh. I rated it five stars, as it was quite some time since I read such a great and fun novel.

Spell or High Water

Immediately after the debut novel of Scott Meyer, I decided to read the second in the series: Spell or High Water. This book continues the story about Martin Banks. Where the first book showed his journey on becoming a wizard, the second book follows Martin through a series of events in the city of Atlantis. Here, he must find out who is trying to murder Britt, one of the two – or the same? – creators of the city.


Again, the story of this novel isn’t the greatest one out there. But the book was still very fun to read and I enjoyed it very much. Just like its predecessor, I rated the book five stars. Scott Meyer is doing great on my book list. I’m actually reading the third book of the series as of writing. It’s called An Unwelcome Quest.

The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

Interestingly enough, I filled my time in April reading a fiction novel about my non-fiction job: IT. What’s funny is that the story involves a lot of problems with IT projects that sound so familiar. Not that I’ve come across all those problems. Sometimes, you just get an “oooooh” feeling when reading.


The story follows Bill Palmer as he gets promoted to VP of IT operations. Although he does not want this job, the CEO convinces him to take it. Already on his first day, he notices several problems in the IT department. With the help of Erik, a potential board member, he learns to use certain plant processes in the IT department.

I liked this book for the courage it took the author to write it and because there is so much truth in it. Apart from that, on story level it’s probably one of the worst books I’ve read. There’s a lot of things that go on during an IT project, but no one ever really put it in a fiction novel. I rated the book four stars more because of the truths in it than for the storyline.

What’s Next? May 2017

Will May be a better reading month for me than April? I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that I’m already reading the third book of the Magic 2.0 series: An Unwelcome Quest. Also, I’ve added a fresh stack of non-fiction books to my to-read list. It’s getting longer every week. 697 to read at the moment of writing. Damn.

This week I hope to end the third book of Scott Meyer’s epic wizard series. I picked some shorter books to ensure I get more done this month, but I was going to read them anyway. So why not now? Let me try to read these five books as a goal for the following month. We’ll see when we get there how far I’ve gotten.

What about you? What have you read in April? Care to share? Leave a message in the comment section below!


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