Review: Scott Meyer – Spell or High Water

Hey readers! I’ve returned to a friend of mine, Martin Banks. He went to back in time to become a wizard. And the first book about his wizardry was awesome. Scott Meyer is doing a great job with this writing career of his. Like I said in the other blog post, the audiobooks are read by Luke Daniels. So it’s a great book, written by a great author and read by a great performer.

Interested in more?

Brief Recap

A month or so after the events of Off to Be the Wizard, Martin and Philip are invited to a gathering of all time travelers at the amazing city of Atlantis. Gwen introduces them to Britt the elder and Britt the younger, who are the same person actually. At some point, Britt went back in time to build Atlantis and so when Britt the younger arrived, the city was already built.

This storyline wouldn’t be crazy of several events wouldn’t happen. Murder attempts, lies, shady characters, returning crooks. What’s up with Jimmy? He seems to have survived the thirty years after he was sent back by the wizards. It seems he has set his mind on returning to the past. Can he?


In the greatest city of all time, Martin and Philip are investigating a murder that hasn’t happened yet. On a woman of whom there’s prove she’ll survive the attacks. The other time travelers are not worried, but Philip is convinced that Britt the elder and Britt the younger are different people. With this in mind, feelings are growing between him and Britt the younger. Will this romance stand?

Characters to Follow

This book follows Martin, a 23-year old wizard who uses a text file to manipulate the world around him. So of course, he’s an interesting character to follow. A lot of characters in this book are fun, but I’ve picked out the following:

  • The Atlassian guard Ampyx wants to impress Gwen. In doing so, Philip convinces him that Gwen likes Martin and thus Ampyx should act like Martin. This is really funny.
  • Medieval wizard Gary helps Jimmy return to the circle of medieval wizards. I already liked Gary in the first book of the series and I still like him after this book. He’s got a great sense of humour.
  • Agent Miller who is investigating Martin’s disappearance together with agent Murphy, has a very short temper. Jimmy drags Miller and Murphy through a lot. And I really mean a lot. Miller can’t handle this. He’s a great character. Well done, Scott Meyer. Well done.

My Two Cents

After Off to Be the Wizard, I was eager to read this book. I loved the first story of the series and I was ready to follow Martin further through his wizardness. In comparison to the first book of the series, this story might have been a bit more predictable, but the Jimmy parts were great.


Even though I’ve just compared this book to its predecessor and said it wasn’t as good, I still rate it 5 stars. It’s a great book. It’s funny. It’s got action. It’s got tech jokes. I can’t wait to read part three of the series. And I found out that Scott Meyer is writing part four as I write this. Ain’t that awesome??

Have you read Spell or High Water? Or its predecessor, Off to Be the Wizard? Do you want to talk about it or ask me a question? The comments section is ready when you are!


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