Review: Scott Meyer – Off to Be the Wizard

I’m not doing so well with this blog here. But don’t worry, I’m working on it! Yesterday, I finished the first book of a new series I found. Scott Meyer, also known for his web comics, did a great job with his first book Off to Be the Wizard.

If you like wizardry, tech jokes and some pop culture references, this book is what you are looking for! Those of you that prefer audiobooks, I can really suggest it. The audiobook is read by Luke Daniels and he’s a great audiobook performer.

Brief Recap

Martin Banks is a small-time hacker. He sniffs the internet because he likes to know what is known about himself. And so he stumbles upon a giant plain text file. Containing his name. And other data he recognises. His height, age, bank balance and many other facts about Martin are in the file. What he finds out is that he can manipulate the file and by doing so, he can manipulate reality.

Over the weekend, Martin creates an Android app that allows him to manipulate the file from anywhere he wants. He builds some cool features, like a teleportation button and a function that lets him float off the ground. And an escape button, just in case he runs into trouble. It takes a few days before Martin needs to push that button to escape from the police, stranding in medieval England. Stranded there with a robe and a smartphone that lets him manipulate reality, he’s off to be the wizard!


Martin is welcomed by Philip, who takes it to himself to train Martin in his quest to become a wizard. Because what Martin doesn’t know, is that he is not the only one who has discovered the text file. Others like him have found it and have escaped to the same ages and place as him. They live like wizards and Martin can join them if he succeeds in the trials.

During his training, he learns a lot about the skills he can use. Martin meets Gwen, a local tailor who makes his wizard robe. She’s the finest woman living in medieval England and she’s immune to Martins flirting skills. When she finds an entire village murdered, clearly by a wizard, she runs to Martin and his friends so that they can stop the killer.

Characters to Follow

The story follows Martin in his quest to become a wizard – duh – while Philip also plays a great role. There are other characters in the book that are fun. But you’ll want to follow Gary and Gwen. Scott created them with his sense of humour in mind. And it worked out amazingly. As you shall see when you read this book, they are great!

My Two Cents

When I started this book, I didn’t know what to expect. I read the synopsis and thought I would like it, but damn. This book is great! Believe me, you’ll love it! It’s full of funny tech jokes and good characters. The story builds up nicely, but can be predictable at times. I’m really looking for things to say here. I love this book!


Off to Be the Wizard is a great book and the first of what I suspect is an awesome series by Scott Meyer. I rate the book 5 stars and jumped immediately into the second book, Spell or High Water. Expect a review soon!

Have you read the book? Or want to know more? Let me know in the comment section below!


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