What I’ve Read: July 2018

I haven't read a lot of books in June. I wanted to read seven books, but I only managed five. Here's what I've read, why I only got to five and what I want to read next. If you want to read this post, please do so at my new blog.

Bye-bye WordPress

I haven't read a lot of books this month and there are a few reasons for that. One of the reasons is that I've been working on a new version of my blog. Layout-wise? Yes. Content-wise? Also yes. Platform-wise? Big yes. Why the big change? Because I've had two blogs for quite some time now.... Continue Reading →

Review: S.J. Delos – So Not a Hero

I'm in my superhero-period. So time for another book in the theme! I could have gone for another one in the Supervillainy Saga, the series I'm currently reading, but I decided to go with another book. This time, I went with So Not a Hero. Wow. There are many treasures in this book. Well written emotional... Continue Reading →

Review: Matthew Syed – Black Box Thinking

I can enjoy a good non-fiction book. After reading great works like Leadership and Self-Deception and Innovation Games, I always try to keep my eyes open for other great self-improvement publications. I found one in Black Box Thinking: Why Some People Never Learn from Their Mistakes - But Some Do. As the author explains, Black Box Thinking is not... Continue Reading →

An A-Z Survey About Books

Earlier this week, I found a blog post about a bookish A-Z survey written by Brittany. If haven't found out her blog yet, go check it out. It's great. She does a lot of book reviews, as well as other book-related stuff. I haven't regretted one minute spending over there so be sure to take a... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: June 2018

I don't know what happened. I did nothing special in May and was only able to read three books. Now I had June, in which I did nothing special again, and I read ten books. Say what? Maybe it's because of the books... let's go over those! The Whispering Room I revisited the Jane Hawk... Continue Reading →

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