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Review: Marcus Sakey – Written in Fire

After I’ve read A Better World, I posted about my review on Twitter. I always do this. I don’t always get a response though. Last time, Sakey answered.

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I wanted to read Written in Fire immediately. But I also had Hellbent. And I knew that would be great. But afterwards, and after all the books that I wanted to read this month, I decided to go for it. No more waiting. Let’s see if it was really written in fire!

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Review: Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last

Hooray, I found a better book today! I read Leaders Eat Last. I should have known it would be a good book, as it’s written by Simon Sinek. The author of Start With Why is good at leadership. Here’s my review of his book about leaders and, interestingly enough, eating.

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Review: Matt Cohen – Blockchain

I’m interested in new technology. But sometimes I’m a late adopter. Blockchain is such a topic. I’d like to know more about it, not for its cryptocurrency solutions but for other fields in which it might create new opportunities. For that reason, I read Blockchain: Complete Guide to Understanding the Blockchain Technology Revolution and the Future of Money. Too bad it wasn’t what I hoped for.

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Review: S.J. Scott & Rebecca Livermore – Level Up Your Day

I read this book before, during and after I read When. There are similarities between what Daniel Pink is saying and what Scott and Livermore tell. So that was a funny observation. Because I hadn’t planned at all for it to work out like that. Anyway, I just finished Level Up Your Day. Here’s what I think of it.

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