Review: Eric Barker – Barking Up the Wrong Tree

After finishing the books I wanted to finish in June, I thought I'd continue one of the series that I'd been reading. But wouldn't that be too much of the same? I discussed this with my mental self and came to the conclusion that it doesn't hurt to read something different. Hence, I took one... Continue Reading →


Review: Sam Newman – Building Microservices

Sometimes, I read books that are related to my job. Building Microservices is one of them. For those who don't know, Microservices are the buzzword in software development for the past 8 years. You can't go to a conference without people asking you whether you build microservices. Yet so many people do it wrong. That's where... Continue Reading →

Summer Theme 2018

It's becoming a thing this year. And while I'm not keeping everything up, like writing at least seven blogposts each month. In May I've only written five. The theme for spring was space. I've chosen a new theme for the summer. There was a spoiler in my last monthly recap. You guessed it! The theme... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Read: May 2018

Well hello, reader! Welcome to the shortest monthly wrap-up I've ever written on this blog. Seriously, I feel bad about it. I had hopes of reading six books, and I only managed three. I will not use excuses. I didn't use all of my time for reading while I had assumed I would. Bad estimations... Continue Reading →

Review: Alastair Reynolds – Revenger

Another month in this warm Spring, so time for another themed book! Space, wasn't it? Ha! You're right it was! So what book is a good space book? I settled with Revenger, an Alastair Reynolds novel that was published in 2016. How was it? Worth reading? Enough waiting. Here's my review! This book starts with space... Continue Reading →

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