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Review: Kevin Hart – I Can’t Make This Up

Sometimes I read fiction. Sometimes I read non-fiction. Most books I read are serious though. Okay, some fiction books make me laugh more than others, but at least the plot is serious. So I doubted what I would do when I picked up I Can’t Make This Up. This book written by a comedian, was it worth the read? I went to find out. Here’s my review!

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Review: Justin Cronin – The City of Mirrors

Wow. I’ve done it. After a long time – too long time? – I’ve finished The City of Mirrors. This third instalment of The Passage trilogy is a great addition to my list of “long books one must have read in his life”. Here’s my review of the book. Spoiler alert: I liked it.

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Reasons to Read

4 Reading Myths Busted

As I’m a bit sick and reading a long book called The City of Mirrors, there might not be a review here for a while. So let’s talk about something else. Sometimes, I hear people say these things about books that make me think either they’re not from this world or I’m not. With this post, I’m hoping that it’s them. Let’s have a look at four reading myths.

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Review: Francine Prose – Reading Like a Writer

What would it be to not read for enjoyment, but for something else. Not just to learn something, but to get better in the art of writing. I asked myself that question after I found this book. And I understand now what Francine Prose is saying. There are many ways to improve your writing. But learning from your idols might be the best way to do so.

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